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Edificios mexicanos altos
La firma de un contrato


> Advise during public bidding procedures, restricted invitations, and direct awards at the federal, state, and municipal levels.

Initiating defense filings against unlawful actions incurred during the bidding procedure, including unconformity procedures, nullity trials and amparo trials.

Represent clients in conciliation procedures with the Ministry of Public Function and internal controllerships.

Legal support and legal representation before the federal, state and municipal public administration.

Advising entities and offices of the federal, state, and municipal public administration in order to mitigate risks of administrative liability.


> Advising in matters of prevention of bribery and integral anti-bribery systems.

Drafting antcorruption policies and procedures.

Providing training on anticorruption and internal controls in multinational companies.

Risk analysis and due diligence procedures with third party intermediaries, commercial contract and financial controls, reports, investigation, review and implementing corrective measures and continuous improvement.

Anticorruption strategies and constitutional litigation.

Addressing information requests from internal controllerships, Superior Audit Committees and superior auditing bodies of the states.

Internal investigations for violation of corporate policies.

Organizando información
Acceso de huellas dactilares


> Implementation of risk analysis regarding the protection of personal data.

Advice regarding the management of sensitive personal data according to the business sector.

Attention and enforcement of ARCO rights Implementation of security measures against information theft.

Challenge of fines and other sanctions imposed by administrative authorities.

Drafting protection of personal data policies according to the business sector.


> Filing of nullity and protection proceedings before the Federal Court of Administrative Justice, the local Administrative Litigation Courts and the Federal Judicial Branch.

Revisando las leyes
reunión de negocios


> Appointing a member of the Firm to work inside your organization for a temporary period.

> Members of the Firm may assist you for days, weeks or months.

> The collaborators may also help you on a project basis. Upon completion of the project, the member of the Firm stops providing services as temporary in-house counsel.


While the Firm does not directly provide advice for matters of criminal, intellectual property, civil,

commercial, customs, labor, social security and tax law, we constantly generate alliances whereby we act as coordinators of legal advisors specialized in such areas.

Whenever a case in which we participate requires the knowledge of a specialist of any of those areas, we refer our clients to a list of law firms that we believe may provide effective advice, based on our priorsuccessful experience.

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